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How To Network Effectively and Sell Yourself At Interview

Many of us are unsure of what to say or how to talk about ourselves when introduced to someone for the first time.  Each new encounter could be the one that makes all the difference.  You need to be prepared to be able to get across succinctly what you are, what you do and what you are aiming for.

What you need is a good elevator pitch

Picture the scene………

You are at an important conference, aiming to build your network, the CEO of an influential organisation approaches you and says, ‘tell me more about yourself’ or you sit down at the start of an interview for your dream job. The interviewer asks the same question ‘Tell me about yourself’


Whether you’re trying to build your network or sell yourself in an interview, you need a good elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is an introductory summary about you, your background and your goals

It is one of the most effective methods to create a positive first impression and promote your personal brand being with potential new contacts or at the start of a job interview

A good pitch needs to be made clearly often to someone who doesn’t even know you usually in about 60 seconds or less

Most people struggle to do this well


A good elevator pitch should include

  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • Why you are unique?
  • Your goals and your ambitions


You need to start by capturing the listener’s attention, so they are eager to learn more.  This means providing context to make the picture relevant to them before talking about you.  Present the problem that you or your solution solves


This is about your experience and builds on from ‘Who am I? Talk briefly about a recent project you have been involved in previous or current job roles or interesting responsibilities you have had. Most importantly, keep it relevant to the listener and free from jargon, or business speak


What are your unique selling points? (USP’s). You should show the unique qualities you have that can benefit the listener

The intention is to stand out from others, whether they are other interview candidates, or business competitors. Make sure you state the impact that your uniqueness can bring


Be clear about what you want and align it to what the listener is looking for, find out exactly what the listener wants, so your pitch can show how you can fulfil their needs


  • Explain the problem your solution solves
  • Be relevant to the listener customize it for the audience
  • Stick to plain language
  • It can be funny but be cautious and funny joke can ruin your pitch
  • Practice your pitch out loud and tweak it until it all sounds natural and genuine


Make sure that your pitch

  • Is short enough to retain the attention of the audience, but with enough substance to provide context and make it compelling
  • Is a conversation starter, not a deal closer

Once you’ve made that great first impression, it’s important you continue this with your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.  The CV Specialists are a team of expert CV Writers who can help you make a great first impression by creating a bespoke CV

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How To Network Effectively and Sell Yourself At Interview The CV Specialists
How To Network Effectively and Sell Yourself At Interview The CV Specialists
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