Nerves are undoubtedly one of life’s great levellers whether before an interview, presentation or any other stressful event

Here are 5 simple interview tips to keep your belly butterfly free when it matters

1. Rehearse
There are few better safeguards against an attack of the jitters than knowing your material like the back of your hand.
Invest time in knowing exactly what you are going to say, which will boost your confidence and help you to relax at your interview on a subconscious level.

2. Breathe
An adrenaline-induced shortage of oxygen is certainly no aid to clear, measured delivery at interview
Counteract the natural tendency towards shallow breathing in stressful situations by deliberately lengthening your breath.
Inhaling and exhaling slowly as you count backwards from 10 will also help to regulate your breathing and leave you feeling calmer.
Imagining your interviewer or audience as friendly and encouraging before you walk through the door can trick your brain into thinking everything is going swimmingly before it actually is.

3. Laugh
Not necessarily during the interview or presentation itself, but somewhere private just before you step in front of your interviewer or audience.
Research shows that a good, hearty laugh releases endorphins while stimulating circulation and helping muscle relaxation, all-natural antidote to stress.

4. See The Good Nerves
It’s worthwhile remembering that feeling nervous at your interview is a perfectly normal physical reaction, it’s a symptom of your body preparing itself for whatever is lurking within that interview room or conference hall. In fact, the burst of adrenaline that generates those symptoms could mean all your cylinders of firing perfectly.

5. Final Thought
Nerves are part and parcel of professional life.
Try to remember the positive reasons for those unpleasant symptoms and use these handy countermeasures and calm yourself easily.

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